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Improving Productivity and Effectiveness

Typical project generates 400%+ ROI . Our process improvements initiative result in higher customer satisfaction and lower cost to serve.

There's never enough time -- time to affordably provide all the service our customers want, to call on all the sales prospects we'd like, to process loans as quickly and efficiently as possible -- but we can help! Peak Performance has the tools and expertise to help your financial institution improve productivity and customer service.

We have experience in all aspects of customer-facing and back office management. And we have skilled staff who can help you identify opportunities, and implement quickly and efficiently.

Delivering Results for Our Clients

Actual client results:

  • Improved operations process flow which enabled client to handle 40% more volume without increasing FTE
  • Improved staffing models resulting in 19% improvement in FTE without impacting service delivery
  • Improved Call Center process flow resulting in 50% reduction in abandoned calls, therefore reducing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction
  • Designed process improvement initiatives that resulted in 25% reduction in customer problem incidents and lower cost to serve


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