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More Effective Branches: Optimizing Distribution

60% of the typical bank's expense base is consumed by distribution cost. Even small improvements can have significant bottom line impact.

The When, Where and How of Retail Banking Success

We know there are two ways to grow: leverage the branches you already have, or grow in new locations. We help with both strategies.

Let us show you how to achieve the highest potential from your distribution network. Peak Performance Consulting Group has developed proprietary models to identify branch trade areas and measure potential profitability. We then match each branch’s actual vs. potential performance to develop recommendations for improvement.

Our process has also been used to identify new, high profit locations. We have the capability to accurately target specialized segments, such as business banking locations or locations with high density of prospects who prefer non-traditional (and lower cost) distribution.

Proven Results With BankPower®

Our unique BankPower® process was designed to help you answer the when, where and how of retail banking success.

We understand the "secret sauce" for growing branches effectively. The results speak for themselves: branches that implemented BankPower® grew almost twice as fast as peer branches within the same institution.

Can we help you improve the effectiveness of your distribution network? Call us at 512-607-6332.

BankPower® Branches Grew Twice As Fast As Peers

Branch Deposit Growth


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