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My wife is one of the smartest people I know. I’m not saying that just because it’s our anniversary in a few weeks, but I’ll admit to taking the opportunity to get a complement in when I can.


We were leading a strategic planning session for a bank – it was a large group, with the entire Board and all of senior management in attendance. The bank was having some issues achieving its’ plan, and there were various opinions about how to move forward.


I was facilitating the discussion and Colleen was taking notes, observing, and giving me feedback& coaching on the dynamic in the room, especially the side discussions and body language that I couldn’t see when I was writing on the flip charts.


At the end of the first morning break she told me “Here’s the problem: they have Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder. They’ll never succeed unless they focus.”


There it was. An entire MBA course in Business Strategy summed up in one sentence.


And here’s the point.


Business strategy is not just about deciding what to do. It’s also about deciding what not to do. It’s about focusing on a few things that really matter — and having a disciplined management process to get them done.


So how did it all turn out? We’re on draft 4 of the Plan and it is coming together very nicely. What started as a seemingly unattainable goal- increase capital and increase earnings – now seems firmly within reach. It’s all about picking a few things that matter, gaining consensus, putting in place Action Plans with specific accountabilities.


We use a Rapid Assessment Planning Model that starts by establishing the end-goal and then moves backwards, step by step, to ensure a successful outcome. It’s a disciplined approach that we’ve used with numerous financial institutions with great success. “Best planning session we ever had” was the feedback from a recent client.


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