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Everyone believes service quality is important, especially for high value clients. But how well does your service quality program work? Does it only measure customer facing staff in branches and call centers, or does it encompass every aspect of your organization?


Please join Ric Carey, Director at Peak Performance Consulting Group, on October 9 to learn best practices for creating and maintaining a superior service quality culture with branches as well as back office departments.

Understand how Service Quality programs integrate into branch incentive plans, plays into department managers bonus and how service quality can be recognized and rewarded within the total organization.



  • Learn how one institution created an environment where everyone was focused on providing exceptional service quality.
  • Learn the criteria/components utilized for measuring service quality for the branch network as well as back room departments
  • Learn service quality programs were integrated into incentive and bonus programs throughout the bank.
  • How to integrate service quality into day to day operations.
  • Learn some very basic, yet effective ways to recognize and reward superior service quality.
  • Learn how the front line measured the service quality of each back-office operation.


For more information, please go to: http://bit.ly/2yj5qjl


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