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Jack Hubbard, of St. Meyer & Hubbard, is one of my favorite people, not only for his insight about sales (he is widely known as the “Professor of Prospecting”) but also for his openness and generosity in freely crediting industry thought leaders he admires – even if they are competitors.


Jack quotes his friend Charles Green in saying “You are a trusted advisor when you willingly refer your top client to your top competitor because you know that competitor can help your client better than you can.”


Jack just published a humorous and timely article on The United States of Sales – his 2017 Inaugural Address as if he were elected President of Sales. In it, he lists the industry resources he turns to. Some are competitors, most are not. It’s a great read – and a great list of resources.


We were so honored to be names to his Cabinet as the Baron of Bricks and Sticks!


“Baron of Bricks and SticksDavid Kerstein, President of Peak Performance Consulting Group is my go to guy when it comes to branching and the issues surrounding those buildings and the people in them. David writes eloquently about trends dealing with pricing, profitability, strategy and overall effectiveness of the branch and call center of the future and the present. David is a former banker with decades of experience in retail financial services. I go to his website often to see his articles, white papers and research at www.ppcgroup.com. “


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