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BAI Banking Strategies just published their annual list of the 25 most read articles of 2017.  We are pleased to be a regular contributor to BAI thought leadership and gratified that four of our articles made the “most read” list.


The top branch article of 2017, and No. 2 on the overall most read article list, is Peak Performance Consultant Jon Voorhees’ piece, Seven elements of the ultimate branch format.

Is there an ideal branch format? In whatever bank publication you pick up today, it seems someone has an opinion on the one ideal branch design. It’s smaller, heavily automated and uses digital signage. The real answer is: “It depends … on lots of things.” But there are seven key elements — read more here.

No. 9 on the list:Location! And 9 other things to consider when opening a branch.

It seems as though every banking journal today has an article about branch closures or consolidations. Less reported is that banks still open about 1,000 or more new branches annually. In fact, banks opened nearly 6,000 new branches in the five-year period between 2011 and 2015, according to the latest FDIC update—and are on pace to unveil nearly 900 more this year. Here are 10 insights on the factors that drive a successful branch launch.


No. 22 on the Top 25 list of 2017 is Lou Carlozo’s interview of Jon Voorhees for the June 2 BAI Banking Strategies podcast. On this episode of the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, Lou Carlozo, Managing Editor, interviews Jon Voorhees of Peak Performance Group about the closing, opening and evolution of bank branches. Voorhees also reveals how banks can close branches and still experience low customer attrition rates.


Rounding out the list with number 23 is an article by Peak Performance President David Kerstein: How smaller financial institutions can succeed with digital.

Compelling digital offerings aren’t just a consumer expectation anymore. They are a necessity to stay competitive. But many financial institutions, especially smaller ones, are stuck in a holding pattern—with too many confusing options and choices to grasp a clear sense of how to move forward. What’s the best way to harness new digital technology to deliver the desired results? How should you select the right partner? What key strategies lead to successful implementation?  More here.

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