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Workplace Banking (Bank at Work) is designed to expand the reach of a bank’s distribution network by creating a proactive sales strategy that efficiently acquires new customers, and cross sells to existing customers, through their workplace — and it is the right strategy to create efficient sales growth without added branch distribution cost.


Workplace Banking addresses a key strategic challenge banks face today: they need revenue growth, but customers shifting away from branches, which have been traditional source of acquisition and cross sell.


Paul Corrigan developed the Citibank at Work program as a new consumer acquisition channel. Today that program generates over 20% of the banks’ new checking customers on an annual basis. Most recently he served as a Senior Vice President for RBS-Citizens where he built and managed the YourPlace Banking program. In just over 2 years, the program has grown to serve over 1,500 companies and 44,000 employees.


In this brief webinar, Paul describes key strategic issues banks and credit unions should consider to implement, or improve, their Workplace Banking programs.



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